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The Motion Analysis Laboratory uses state-of-the-art equipment to analyze human movement. We provide quantitative information about movement patterns, joint forces, and muscle activity that is otherwise unavailable through standard clinical tests. Our analyses help orthopedic specialists improve surgical techniques, validate implant designs, develop physical therapy protocols, evaluate pathological movement in patients with neuromuscular disease, and analyze sports performance. Please view the list of our current Motion Analysis Studies if you are interested in participation.

The Motion Analysis Laboratory includes 1400 square feet of space designed to be suitable to monitor various social and recreational activities. Our upper and lower extremity studies focus on determining functional outcomes of common activities of daily living such as reaching, eating, walking, stair negotiation, and transferring to and from a chair. The extended 60 foot room with an 11 foot raised ceiling provides us the ability to perform sports studies such biomechanical golf swing and pitching analyses. A diverse team of engineers, biomechanists, kinesiologists, athletic trainers, and physicians collaborate to provide a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation.

Our motion analysis laboratory equipment includes ten Eagle-4 cameras and Motion Analysis Corporation software packages, four AMTI force platforms, an instrumented cantilevered stair system, and a ten channel surface electromyography system from Motion Lab Systems to collect data. With sub-millimeter positional accuracy, complex inverse dynamics for calculation of joint loads, and a muscle activity profile, our laboratory exceeds other facilities in the capability to provide a detailed biomechanical analysis.

We provide a sophisticated research facility to Arizona and are always seeking new collaborations. To view a list of our current Motion Analysis Studies. We are always seeking volunteers to participate in our studies. Please contact us for more details. If you are interested in proposing new projects, participating in our studies, or would like more information please contact the Motion Analysis Lab at 623.241.8724.

Disclosure: Research funding has been provided by the following orthopedic companies. Stryker, Smith & Nephew, Biomet, VQ Orthocare, Corin.

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