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Patient Stories

To: The MORE Foundation

Dr. Jacofsky diagnosed me with osteoarthritis and bone-on-bone on my right knee. He set a date for my surgery, which was August 30, 2011.

His staff is professional and warm. They answered every question with knowledge. Dr. Jacofsky is a brilliant man, who understands how his patients feel, which also rubs off on his staff.

My operation was at Del Webb Hospital, which went as planned, with the utmost efficiency. My care was wonderful. The night after my surgery I was up walking. The next day, I was on a new apparatus, a Secure Track System, which helped me walk like a normal person. I used this system every day until my release.

Dr. Jacofsky said I was strong enough to go home. As usual, he was correct. I felt fine and never took pain pills. There was discomfort but no pain. I started physical therapy the afternoon I left the hospital. What a marvelous department. They gave me exercises to do at home and asked that I see them three times a week. After two weeks, they advised me to give up the walker and not to use a cane. I was steady enough to walk normally. After three weeks, I have no limp. My knee extends to 128 degrees, which is great. The physical therapy department is wonderful. They work as a team and teach you how to do everything.

I wish to thank everybody who helped me along the way.

Hear, Hear to MORE!!!

~Louann Hirsch